Folding panel display with easel

Product Description

Product features

Technical data

  • Automated 1 sec. assembly with automated easel.
  • Very Stable
  • Ensure installation because they are automatic
  • Easel will not be printed
  • Automated Assembly
  • Patented Technology
Display deluxe finishing:

  • Front: Bristol, 4 color offset printing, glossy laminated.
  • Body: cardboard (side covered in white stucco).
  • Back: cardboard coated white.

Display with low cost finishing:

  • Front: Bristol,4 ink offset printing,glossy lamination.
  • Body: Bleed cut compact cardboard
  • Back: White offset paper

Display digital print finishing:

  • Material: white forex board
  • High definition digital printing
  • Glossy or matt lamination
  • Automatic easel