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About us

Endiplec is a company focused on the automation of point-of-purchase display (POP). Endiplec’s team members have vast experience in cardboard modeling and engineering.

Leveraging Endiplec’s experience, our R&D department has developed unique and innovative technologies that are transforming the Point of Purchase industry.

Multiple international patent organizations have recognized the high standards of Endiplec’s patents by giving them their highest grade.

Endiplec offers a wide range of fully automated POP that will enable businesses to save operational costs, most notably logistics and assembly costs. 

In addition, the improvement in our processes has enabled us to match and to reduce the costing. Furthermore developments in production processes has also enabled us to offer these advantages to be equally or more competitive than conventional POP.

 Endiplec has increased its global presence and is now being commercialized across Europe and large part of North and South America.